At what age can my child start playing golf?


The question of when a child can start playing golf is always asked. In general, this question is difficult to answer. There is no certain age here because each child develops at different speeds.

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At what age can my child start playing golf?

In principle, the child should be able to walk. If this is the case, there are a few steps to follow to help your child get started with golf.


Make the golf course a positive place

In the beginning, it is often good to introduce the children to golf in a playful way and not initially to start with traditional training, such as technique training. Instead, the focus should be on the fun factor. In order to get the children used to training on the golf course and to make it a positive place through exercise and fun, coordination exercises or other ball sports should be used as alternative training. Exercises that are always well received by children are exercises with the coordination ladder, balancing discs and above all games like “golf football”, in which one tries to score a goal by hitting a soccer ball with golf clubs.

At the beginning it is only important that the children have fun on the golf course and spend a lot of time in the fresh air. The additional sporting activity also promotes concentration, which can also be helpful in school.


Putting and short game

Over time, putting and first progressive exercises should be introduced. Putting is a good way for children to get used to the golf ball and celebrate their first successes. Putting is not as fun for many children as training on the driving range, so you should include enough games here. “Cat and Mouse” is always a highlight of the training for kids.


Long game

As soon as the children have a feel for the rules and safety precautions on the golf course, you can gradually integrate the long game into the children's training. With younger children it is important to make the training very varied, because the concentration span does not last as long as it does with adults.

Training with older children and adolescents can be a bit more focused on technique and competition-oriented, because at this age much more concentration and independence can be expected during training.


Playing on the course

If the children and adolescents then have the necessary level of play and sufficient knowledge of the rules, there is nothing standing in the way of making first attempts on the golf course. Initially, the concentration will probably not be enough for a whole round of 18 holes, maybe not even for nine holes, but that will improve with time, practice and above all development of the children. It is important here to put fun in the foreground and not to push the children to anything that they are not ready for yet.


First competitions

When introducing children to golf it is important that the focus is not on the handicap or tournament success, but above all on enthusiasm for golf and the fun of playing. The rule here is that development should take priority over golfing quality, especially the development of a high level of motivation. However, if your child is already ready, you can start with competitions suitable for children, for example with tournaments with adapted hole-lengths.


Conclusion: In summary, it can be said that no clearly defined age for starting at golf can be determined. This decision can only be made on the development of your child. It is important that the first attempts with golf are as fun- and age-appropriate as possible and that fun is definitely in the foreground. Children should find the joy of golfing themselves and should not be pushed to do something that they do not want to do. For a good start at golf, it is important on the one hand that the golf coach shows a lot of dedication and likes to work with children, but on the other hand that the parents do not put too much pressure on the kids, as this can quickly reduce the fun in the sport.

With these tips, nothing stands in the way of a great golf start for your child!

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