What sports can I do in winter?


In winter the temptation is usually very big to spend Sunday on the couch or to spontaneously cancel practice on Wednesday evenings. Excuses over excuses buzz around in our heads. The motivation to go out into the cold to do sports is very difficult to find.

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There are so many reasons against spending the winter months as a "couch potato" and even more sports that can be a lot of fun even in winter.

  • Exercise in winter (especially outdoors) strengthens the immune system
  • Exercise ensures a higher body temperature
  • Sport helps to cope with stress and makes us more resilient
  • The previously built muscle mass does not decrease
  • Regular exercise reduces the feeling of hunger
  • You sleep much better and are more productive the next day

That should be reason enough to overcome the inner bastard anyway, but the fun is definitely not neglected either. Here are a few sports that you can (also) practice in winter.

Alpine sports

Whether skiing, mountaineering, ski touring or climbing, all of these sports can (also) be practiced in winter. Especially sport in the fresh air is very healthy in winter, even if it requires more motivation in cold temperatures.

Alpine sports are a bit difficult to practice in Vienna, but if you still want to go climbing, you can still try it out in one of the many climbing halls or on the climbing walls of the flak tower in Vienna.


Swimming also has many health benefits. The metabolism is improved, the cardiovascular system is strengthened, the respiratory muscles are strengthened, the muscles are stimulated and the joints are spared.

Countless indoor swimming pools in Vienna also offer the perfect opportunity to spend the winter months actively.


At first glance, golf looks like a summer sport. In principle, that is also true. However, you don't have to wait until spring to start golf training. Indoor golf training can be fun and also effective. What many people also don't know is that golf is physically demanding. In winter you do not travel long distances, as you would do on a golf course, but about 130 muscles are used during a golf swing, especially the trunk muscles. Furthermore, a certain basic coordination when playing golf should not be missing.

The Golf Training Center in the 22nd district of Vienna offers a very good training opportunity. The hall can be booked by the hour and is equipped with the latest devices for perfect training. The Training Center offers two teeing grounds, a 14-meter chipping area, a 10-meter putting area, a fitness corner, the Trackman 4, a golf simulator, a video station, and special training options for children and teenagers.

Squash, badminton, tennis

Squash, tennis and badminton are three very popular sports. Three components are very important in tennis: tactics, technique and above all stamina. In addition, all important muscle groups are stressed in tennis, namely legs, arms, torso, chest and stomach.

The same applies to squash and badminton. In squash, speed and responsiveness are also trained very intensively. Badminton can be played a little slower.

In Vienna, too, there are countless opportunities to practice these three sports in halls. As already mentioned at the golf hall, these can also be booked by the hour.

Volley-, hand-, basketball

Three ball sports, which are mainly played in halls, are volleyball, handball and basketball.

Volleyball and basketball were invented by teachers to find a suitable winter and indoor sport for their students. Since then, the two sports have been very popular alongside handball.

There are numerous clubs in Vienna where you can practice these sports.


Soccer is a very widespread sport, many believe it is the most popular sport in the world. If you want to play soccer, you can do this very easily and with little effort. This sport is also physically challenging. Both stamina and strength are required here. But injuries can also occur relatively easily.

In winter you can choose between training on the soccer field or in the hall. Both options are also available in Vienna.


Conclusion: With all these possibilities, one can say that all the usual excuses not to be able to do sports in winter are now officially overridden. So nothing stands in the way of an active winter. Whether you spend it in the mountains or in the city, you’ll have no problems finding sporting activities.

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