Every golfer regularly gets to hear statements such as "But golf is only for old people!", "Isn't that boring?" Or "I prefer to do real sport." Golf is associated with many prejudices, but are they really true?




Most people generally define sport through physical exertion. In this category, golf does not do quite as well for some people, because golf is not exactly known to make you sweat physically. Comfortable walks, hitting a little ball into in the direction of the flag every now and then and having nice conversations does not sound like high-performance sport, I have to admit. But golf is definitely exhausting! According to a study (Neil Wolkodoff. Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences, Denver), an 18-hole round consumes an average of 1.400 calories. This is not surprising when you consider that you walk eight to ten kilometers on an average round of golf. There is also physical work during the golf shot itself, as well as strong mental effort.

Critics are right when they say that golf does not cause excessive fatigue, but golf requires high levels of concentration, coordination, strength and endurance.

So golf is definitely sport!




This statement is certainly not wrong. The average age of golfers in Austria is definitely over 50 years. That is why the young generation is a very big topic and is also strongly encouraged. The reason for the high average age in golf is, among other things, the very low risk of injuries and the fact that you can play golf into old age, which is not possible with many other sports.


However, the fact that golf is only for older people is not correct. In fact, it is very important for children and adolescents to learn coordination and concentration at a young age. Playing golf can definitely help with that. In addition, they spend a lot of time in the fresh air and can socialize when playing golf.




High membership fees, expensive cars in front of the clubhouse, the well-known appearance with a tucked in polo and the high collar. The typical picture that many people have of golfers.

No question, not everyone in society can afford to play golf. However, there is a wide range of inexpensive options. Golf lessons can now be taken relatively cheaply, golf equipment can be purchased used or even new at low three-digit amounts. Different membership models fit different life situations and long-distance memberships in Austria start at just € 99 per year. There are also green fee fees, but these can also be purchased cheaply.

If you calculate these amounts for a year, you can quickly see that we spend the same or even much more on some other hobbies and consumer goods.




Anyone looking for adrenaline kicks and constant excitement should not play golf. In this regard, golf cannot compete with sports such as skydiving or bungee jumping. Playing golf is primarily about yourself and the course. The whole thing is not particularly action-packed, but definitely not boring. Every hole, every shot, every situation and every opponent is different. When playing golf, you struggle with your nerves for hours and mainly play against yourself. Most people don't understand how exciting it can be until they have tried it themselves.



Again and again one hears that many sales or business connections are made on the golf course. This is mainly because you can have a good conversation during a round of golf. You spend several hours together, get to know each other and exchange ideas. However, it is rarely the case that a lot of business is done. The basis for business can definitely be laid. And you will definitely make some new contacts. But golf is primarily a leisure activity that most players practice in this sense.



To a certain extent, golf courses are not exactly environmentally friendly. Due to the high water consumption for the irrigation of the facility and the use of harmful pesticides, maintaining a golf course is not particularly good for the environment. In addition, a few hectares of land are needed to build a golf course plus clubhouse and parking. However, what is often not considered is that animals benefit from the large green areas and also settle there. A golf course is particularly beneficial for wildlife, especially in urban areas.




Many of the typical prejudices against golf are not (or no longer) correct or are often exaggerated. In order to know whether golf is a good sport for you, you should definitely try it yourself.

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