Dress code at the golf course


The dress code on the golf course may be the most important part of the etiquette. If you enter the golf course in the wrong clothes, you probably will be disliked by many golfers immediately. Basically: no blue jeans, a shirt with a collar, caps with the peak on the front.

The typical golf clothing consists of long trousers and a polo shirt. However, it should be noted that each golf course has its own rules. Many golf clubs have a little more leeway these days. In order to be “properly” as well as “stylish” and functionally dressed on the golf course, there are now some tips and suggestions.





Proper golf shoes are essential for a good grip. A round of golf takes about four hours. Four hours spent walking. The shoes should definitely not pinch anywhere. But comfortable flip flops or sandals are just as prohibited on the golf course as shoes with metal studs, as these can damage the green. It is also obvious that as a woman on the golf course you don't run around with pencil heels. Sandals and boots are also not to be worn. Golf shoes with soft spikes are the perfect choice for golf. If you do not have golf shoes with plastic spikes, you can alternatively use comfortable sports shoes.

In addition, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of the shoes.


Pants & skirts


Blue jeans and pants with holes are still an absolute no-go on the golf course. Sweat pants and tight-fitting gym pants are just as frowned upon. Long, single-colored trousers, often worn with a belt, are very popular with golfers. Patterned trousers are also allowed on most golf courses these days.

On warmer days, shorts can also be worn, but for men these should be at least knee-length. Ladies' golf skirts and shorts are also allowed, but these should not be too short. Golf dresses are also very popular with women, but they must have a collar.




Basically, it should be noted here: tank tops or muscle shirts are prohibited for men and women alike. Shirts with a print or a large neckline are also not welcome. The dress code on the golf course basically states that a polo shirt or shirt with short or long sleeves and a collar is to be worn. For women, a sleeveless polo shirt is also tolerated on many golf courses. Backless shirts as well as crop tops are not allowed. The top is also to be tucked into the waistband or skirt, although this rule is no longer that strictly observed on many golf courses.

Since a round of golf usually takes several hours, the weather can also change quickly while you’re out on the course. In order to be well prepared for the weather to change, it is advisable to pack several layers. There should always be a sweater with sleeves, a windbreaker and / or a rain jacket in your golf bag.




Sun protection is also extremely important when playing golf. In order not to get a sunstroke, you should make sure you always have adequate headgear with you, especially in the summer months. A cloth cap may be put on at the golf course, but the peak of the cap must point forward according to tradition.

Even in winter you don't have to freeze, you can grab a hat here to keep yourself warm.




No-Go's: too short dresses, skirts or pants (mini skirts / hot pants), blue jeans, washed out or frayed jeans, leggings, sweatpants and suits, shirts without collar, T-shirts with motifs, low-cut shirts, see-through tops, cropped or backless tops, suits, leather pants, tank tops, muscle shirts, flip flops, sandals, shoes with heels, street shoes, boots and ankle boots.

If you don't have the right golf clothes with you, you can still get them in most golf clubs in a pro shop. Golf equipment can also usually be bought there.

If you invite guests to a round of golf, please inform them about the dress code beforehand.

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