How time-consuming is golf?


There are some prejudices about golf. In addition to the prejudices that golf is only for the elderly, golf is only for the rich or golf is not a sport, the assumption that golf is far too time-consuming and is therefore only a sport for retirees is represented by a large part of humanity. But does golf really have to be so time consuming? And how can you make this hobby a little less time-consuming? We will try to clarify exactly these questions.




The fact that you have to spend eight hours a day at the golf course to be good at golf is only partially true. That depends on whether you want to become a professional golfer (then it will understandably need a little more training) or whether you want to practice golf as a hobby. Even as a working man or woman, it is possible to find your way to the golf course a few times a week.

After work


After work, for example, you can squeeze in a training session on the range or putting green. You can make great progress in just one hour. Many training facilities also offer training under floodlights, which is particularly advantageous for people whose workdays last until dawn.

Some golf courses also have short courses. Those usually have three holes, which are a little shorter, mostly par 3’s. They can be played in 40-60 minutes and offer a good and interesting change from pure short game training.


Before work


Many motivated golfers, especially golf enthusiasts with families, use the early morning hours before work for a quick 9-hole round. However, this is only possible with fathers or mothers if the partner can take care of the children during this time.

The great advantage of a round of golf before 8 a.m. is that at this time there are almost no people on the golf course and you can therefore play a 9-hole round in 60-90 minutes. In addition, you can enjoy the peace even more and prepare yourself perfectly for the day.


On the weekend


For most working people, an 18-hole round with friends or acquaintances is unfortunately only possible on weekends. A round of golf usually takes around four hours to complete, but it can be built into the day, for example in the morning or after lunch. Golf is also a sport that can be played well with the whole family. Even small children can enjoy golf. For the younger members of the family, kids training or camps for children are particularly suitable at the beginning. Especially on a nice weekend it is great to spend a few hours in the fresh air and get some exercise done.


At home


Fortunately, there are more than enough exercise equipment and golf "games" available today that can be used at home either in the living room or in the yard. These offer a good opportunity to use 10-30 minutes of free time in between and to develop your golf skills. In addition, they can also keep children busy, for example on days when the weather does not allow them to go out. You can also find some of these golf devices here:


General tips


Use the time before and after work. In summer the days are very long and on most golf courses you can play from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Basically, the best golf course is said to be the course that is close to work and / or home. This saves you time and gives you more time to play golf.

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