Putt Improver


We have heard many times that the putt is one of the most important parts of golf. Although the golf ball is so close to the hole when we use the putter, we often need the most shots for that distance. To prevent this, you should practice your short game, especially putting, a lot. And since we know that this is not necessarily the most fun and exciting part of the sport, training devices that make training more effective are all the more important.


The Putt Improver consists of a metal gate that you put in the practice green. The tension cord can be stretched by a tension rod which is inserted into the green about a meter behind the gate. A second tension cord is attached to the left and right of the gate to set a frame for the swing path. For the indoor version, metal gate and tension rod are fixed onto a plate instead of sticking them in the practice green. (see picture)


Now try to putt the ball through the metal gate. The gate is only slightly larger than the golf ball, so that even with a small deviation from the line it does not roll through the gate. The tension cords on the sides and the tension cord directly above the putt line should help to recognize whether your swing path is straight. Most golfers cut their putts, which means they swing from the outside in. However, some swing their putter too much from the inside out. The Putt Improver gives you immediate and permanent feedback so that you can work on a perfect swing path.


The Putt Improver also improves the alignment of the entire body, the eyes and the club head. It supports you in controlling your putter and promotes the repeatability of the correct movement so that you can memorize this movement and your body can also perform it correctly subconsciously. The training device also shows you the meeting point of putter and golf ball. The Putt Improver is comfortable, flexible, handy and can be used anywhere. It comes in a small metal box that fits in any golf bag and even your pocket.


With the Putt Improver you can work on your putt skills time-effectively and at home, as well as on the practice green. It is suitable for golfers of all levels.


How exactly does the Putt Improver work and what's behind it?


The basic idea is as mentioned above: The metal gate is 5.2 cm wide. The ball has a diameter of 4.3 cm. If you now put through without touching the metal gate, you have sunk a putt of the following length:


The goal is to putt all your putts flawlessly (without touching) through the gate. Vary the individual distances and putt with or without tension cords. The tension cords help align your body and eyes. They also serve to control and change the swing level.



You can try out the following training options to ensure more variety and fun:

  • Putt until you have played ten balls in a row without mistakes, for example. In the event of an error, start again from zero

  • Challenge your training partner. Who can do more putts in a row without touching the gate?

  • Try to putt with your eyes closed. Align yourself first and then close your eyes. This will give you a better feel for your swing path.

  • Putt with one hand. This way you can train even better to gain more control over your putter.


We hope you’ll enjoy practicing!



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