The withgrowing golf set


Every parent knows it too well. As soon as you’re finished changing your child’s wardrobe, half of the clothes are already too small or too tight and it is time to get bigger clothes, shoes or games for older kids. Children grow incredibly quickly and need new things all the time. And it is the same with golf. If the child grows, the golf clubs are usually too short and your child needs a new set.

Especially for young players, the clubs should be as light as possible and have a suitable length. If the clubs are too heavy, the swing will be slower and the golf shot will be shorter. If the lie or the length of the club is wrong, it can affect both the direction and the swing. The rapid growth of children and adolescents would make it ideal to play with newly adapted golf clubs every year. Since a golf set is not necessarily cheap, golf can quickly become very expensive for children.


That is why we offer a new concept in cooperation with the Junior Golf Shop, in which the clubs grow with the children and teenagers, according to our motto: HAVE FUN, PLAY GOLF, but preferably with the right club.


The concept


In cooperation with the companies US Kids Golf and Cobra, we offer children and adolescents three different options of sets. The first option is for hobby players, the second for sporty golfers, the third option for advanced golfers. The costs are 7.99 euros per month (Ultralight Series), 14.99 euros / 18.99 euros per month (Tour Series Half / Full Set), 24.99 euros per month (Cobra Junior Set) and 24.99 euros per month (Cobra complete set). You can cancel the contract monthly after the first year. During the term of the contract, the golf sets can be exchanged for suitable clubs as often as required. Our Junior Golf World team will be happy to help you find the right equipment for your child. For this you can either use our offer at, with which you can adjust the size of your child with a slider and the perfect club length is calculated, or you can have our team do a club fitting with your child.


With golf club fitting, the clubs are adapted to the physical conditions, such as height and club head speed, as well as swing behavior. The primary goal of the fitting should be to adapt the golf club to each player in a way that improves accuracy, durability and ball flight.


There are many things to consider here, such as club length, shaft flex, ball flight, and much more. This pays off for every golfer, regardless of age, and promotes fun and success at the game.


The Junior Golf Shop is the only fitting center in Europe that is certified to meet the special needs of the youngest golfers. Easy Fitting is free. You can find more information here:


The clubs


Different clubs are offered by U.S. Kids Golf. They are specially tailored to the needs of young players. U.S. Kids Golf differentiates between the Ultralight series for beginners and the Tour series for advanced golfers with higher swing speeds. The clubs from U.S. Kids Golf accompany your child from early childhood to adolescence.




With the withgrowing golf set, your child is always equipped with the perfect clubs without having to buy a new club set every year.


What is important for us: HAVE FUN, PLAY GOLF, but always with the right clubs.


TPI Junior Coach Level 3

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) became the number 1 in the fields of golf fitness and Junior Golf over the last few years and we are very happy about our certificate for the TPI Junior Level 2 & 3.

US Kids Golf Performance Center certified

In collaboration with US Kids Golf the Junior Golf Shop, with Martin Rentenberger, will bring out the best in your golf swing, thanks to years of experience.

US Kids Golf Top 50 Master Junior Teacher

Martin Rentenberger was chosen for the U.S. Kids Golf TOP 50 Master Teachers 2019 in January 2020 in Orlando, as the first European.