If you, as parents, entrust us with your children as students, this means that we take on great responsibility.

Every time we do justice to this, we justify the trust that is placed on us!

The most important rule for us as children’s coaches is: Always ensure absolute transparency towards the parents! We will always take you on board so that you always know what we do with the children and why - and what we do not want to do for what reasons! Such behavior enables us to convey a lot of value-oriented content.

We are always concerned about the safety of your children, try to never leave our students alone and take care to keep the risk of accidents as low as possible.

Our coaches are careful to show exemplary behavior - especially with regard to the enjoyment of alcohol and tobacco! The children look at habits! We are always aware of this and convey values ​​by exemplifying them!

We are not only available as coaches but also as contact persons. The children should always have the feeling that they can contact us with any concerns or problems.

We always try to help as a guide, even in the case of non-sports problems in the private or school area! We try hard to be with the children, but at the same time to draw clear boundaries!

TPI Junior Coach Level 3

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) became the number 1 in the fields of golf fitness and Junior Golf over the last few years and we are very happy about our certificate for the TPI Junior Level 2 & 3.

US Kids Golf Performance Center certified

In collaboration with US Kids Golf the Junior Golf Shop, with Martin Rentenberger, will bring out the best in your golf swing, thanks to years of experience.

US Kids Golf Top 50 Master Junior Teacher

Martin Rentenberger was chosen for the U.S. Kids Golf TOP 50 Master Teachers 2019 in January 2020 in Orlando, as the first European.