IKON training tools


Coordination is very important in pretty much all sports. As a child, you should develop your skills in this area. We offer various training equipment so that your child (or you) can work on it with a lot of fun and joy.


Meter cones


Cones are particularly popular with coaches because they can be used flexibly in training design. For example, you can indicate a course or a slalom run. Especially during golf training, you can build and try out a few different chip and pitch exercises with these marker cones.


Medicine balls 1-4 kg


You can also perform many strength and coordination exercises with medicine balls. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

  • For example, you can throw the ball in the air, clap your hands quickly (in front of or behind your body) and catch the ball again.

  • Several players are in line. The medicine ball will be passed back over the head, the last player will run the medicine ball to the front.

  • Or the medicine ball is passed back through the legs, the last player rolls the medicine ball to the fronT.

  • Two players stand with their backs to each other. Then a medicine ball is handed over from one player to the second player by turning the upper body. Player 2 takes the ball and hands it back to Player 1 on the other side. The feet remain firmly on the ground, only the upper body is being turned.


Running Ladder


A running ladder, also known as a coordination ladder, is a very popular training device that is mainly used for coordination training. It consists of a ladder shape, which is held together by several rungs. However, this creates relatively small segments between the rungs. The mode of operation of the coordination device is based on the fact that jumps or steps in various variations are carried out in the segments of the ladder, which are intended to improve the coordinative skills.


For example, you can build a course out of several ladders, in which the individual ladders have to be walked through with different exercises. You can also put the ladder on a slope to walk uphill or downhill while doing the exercises. In general, the coordination manager can be used for all kinds of sports, because every athlete benefits from good coordination.


Coordination Hoop Ladder


Similar to the coordination ladder, hoops can be used to practice runs or jumps in many variations. For example, you


can put the hopes in a line and then run through the hoops. First with one contact per hoop, then with two. You can also hop through the hoops on both legs. First with one contact per hoop, then for example two jumps forward, one back. You repeat this sequence until you reach the finish line.

You can also put the hoops in a zigzag pattern. You can then practice the same movements as explained earlier.


Rope for tug of war


Tug of war is a fun game and training to up build muscles at the same time. Biceps and the muscles of the upper back work together when playing tug of war.

You start a pulling motion by straightening your torso starting at the hips, like doing deadlifts. Then you pull with your upper back, like with dumbbell rowing. In the last part of the movement, the biceps dominates, as when doing biceps curls.

That’s how several different strength exercises are integrated in a single “game”.


Jump rope


Due to their special nature, speed ​​Ropes enable very fast jumping. Trick jump rope jumping is made easier by speed ropes than normal jump ropes. The handles are rotatable so that the speed ropes do not twist when jumping. The jump ropes are suitable for different heights. If you want, you can even permanently shorten our speed ​​Ropes in minutes. Whether for training at home, club training or school lessons, everyone will find what they are looking for with our jump rope offers.


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The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) became the number 1 in the fields of golf fitness and Junior Golf over the last few years and we are very happy about our certificate for the TPI Junior Level 2 & 3.

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Martin Rentenberger was chosen for the U.S. Kids Golf TOP 50 Master Teachers 2019 in January 2020 in Orlando, as the first European.